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The "Cristatus" cufflinks are a true work of art that pays tribute to the majestic beauty of the peacock. These cufflinks are composed of authentic coins depicting the dazzling peacock with its lush tail in full display. Every detail has been carefully captured to reflect the elegance and splendor of this iconic bird. With the "Cristatus" cufflinks, you can carry the sophistication and charm of the peacock with you on any special occasion. Whether as an impressive gift or as a distinctive accessory, the "Cristatus" cufflinks are a perfect choice for nature and elegance enthusiasts.


Coin: 2 tetri

Country: Georgia

Year: 1993

Cufflinks diameter: 18 mm

Metal Alloy: Stainless steel

Origin: Cristatus comes from the scientific name of the Peacock, an animal that is represented on the coins.

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