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The "Mercury" cufflinks are a true gem for history and numismatic enthusiasts. These artisanal cufflinks are composed of the classic Mercury Dimes, silver coins minted in the United States between 1916 and 1945. These coins feature the iconic image of the Roman goddess Mercury, known as the messenger of the gods and a symbol of trade and communication. The Statue of Liberty is also depicted on these coins, representing the ideals of liberty and democracy. With their intricate design and historical value, the "Mercury" cufflinks are a sophisticated and elegant choice for those who appreciate the beauty and significance of classic coins.


Coin: 1 dime

Country: United States of America

Year: 1916-1945

Cufflink diameter: 18 mm

Metal Alloy: Silver .900

Origin: These cufflinks represent the mythical 10 cent silver coin from the United States of America, whose name comes from the confusion between the depicted image of Liberty with the Roman God Mercury.

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