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The "Semeuse" cufflinks are a unique piece of jewelry that pays tribute to the rich history and values of the French Republic. These cufflinks are composed of authentic coins known as "Semeuse," which feature the image of Marianne, the symbolic embodiment of the motherland in France. Marianne represents the core values of the French republic, such as liberty, equality, and fraternity. She is a symbol of passion, courage, peace, and protection. Every detail of the coins has been carefully preserved, creating a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry. The "Semeuse" cufflinks are a tribute to French history and culture, and they are perfect for those who appreciate elegance and iconic symbols.


Coin: 1/2 franc

Year: 1897-1920

Cufflink diameter: 18 mm

Metal Alloy: Sterling silver 0.835

Origin: As a national icon Marianne represents opposition to monarchy and the championship of freedom and democracy against all forms of oppression. Other national symbols of France include the tricolor flag, the national motto Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité, the national anthem "La Marseillaise", the coat of arms, and the official Great Seal of France.

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