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The "Pacificador" cufflinks are a true historical gem that encapsulates the essence of King Alfonso XII, known as the Peacemaker. These artisanal cufflinks are crafted with classic Spanish silver coins, dating back 140 years. Each coin proudly displays the profile of the king, representing an era of peace and stability in the history of Spain. These cufflinks are much more than a stylish accessory; they are a window to the past, a connection to the grandeur and nobility of those times. Wearing the "Pacificador" cufflinks is to honor the history and legacy of a king who left a lasting impact on the country. A treasure for history enthusiasts and collectors of unique pieces.


Coins: 50 cents peseta

Country: Spain

Year: 1880-1885 (Coin dates may not be the same due to lack of stock)

Cufflinks diameter: 18 mm

Metal Alloy: Silver .835

Origin: Alfonso XII, also known as El Pacificador or the Peacemaker, was King of Spain, reigning from 1874 to 1885. After a revolution that deposed his mother Isabella II from the throne in 1868, Alfonso studied in Austria and France. His mother abdicated in his favour in 1870, and he returned to Spain as king in 1874 following a military coup against the First Republic. Alfonso died aged 27 in 1885, and was succeeded by his son, Alfonso XIII, who was born the following year. To date, he is the last monarch of Spain to have died whilst on the throne.

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