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The "Oryx" cufflinks are a work of art that pays homage to the majestic oryx, a symbol of grace and beauty in the United Arab Emirates. These cufflinks are composed of authentic Emirati coins that capture the image of the oryx in all its splendor. Every detail of these coins reflects the dedication and care with which this unique piece has been created. By wearing these cufflinks, you will carry with you a piece of Emirati culture and nature, showcasing your style and sophistication. The "Oryx" cufflinks are the perfect accessory for wildlife enthusiasts and admirers of Arabian elegance.


Coins: 25 fils

Country: UAE

Year: 1973-2021

Cufflinks diameter: 20 mm

Metal Alloy: Cupronikel

Origin: Cufflinks made of UAE coins representing one of its native animals: the oryx

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