Libertador (Gray colour)

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The "Libertador" cufflinks are a true statement of honor and patriotism. These magnificent cufflinks are composed of octagonal coins commemorating Bernardo O'Higgins Riquelme, the hero of Chile's independence and known as the "Libertador". Every detail of these coins has been carefully preserved, capturing the history and legacy of O'Higgins. By wearing the "Libertador" cufflinks, you will show your admiration for this great leader and carry with you a symbol of bravery and freedom.


Coins: 1 Peso

Country: Chile

Year: 1992-2015 (Coins dates may not be the same due to lack of stock)

Cufflinks diameter: 16 mm

Metal Alloy: Aluminum

Origin: Cufflinks with octagonal coins commemorating Bernardo O'Higgins Riquelme, who was a Chilean military and politician recognized as one of the "parents of the Fatherland of Chile" for his crucial participation in the process of independence of the Spanish Empire.

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