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The "Victoria" coins are a numismatic blessing that honors the Cross of Victory of Asturias. These sacred 5 pesetas coins are infused with devotion and faith, representing the redeeming power and eternal hope that the Cross of Victory symbolizes. Each coin is a divine testament to the Cross of Victory, a sacred symbol that evokes the triumph of faith over adversity and the promise of eternal life in Christ. Their celestial and meticulously crafted design captures the beauty and divine grace. The "Victoria" coins are a heavenly gift for collectors and Christian believers, allowing them to carry a sacred symbol of protection and blessing. Their value transcends the earthly realm, as they represent the victory of light over darkness and spiritual triumph in the Christian faith.


Coin: 5 pesetas

Country: Spain

Year: 1995

Cufflink diameter: 18 mm

Metal Alloy: Aluminum bronze

Origin: Victoria comes from the Coins of the Community of Asturias, which represents the Cross of Victory, and is a Latin cross that is located in the Holy Chamber of the Cathedral of Oviedo. Alfonso III the Great, King of Asturias, donated it to the Cathedral of San Salvador de Oviedo in 908, as recorded in an inscription placed on the back of the cross.

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