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The "Cistothorus" cufflinks are an exquisite collection of 1/4 penny coins featuring the image of a Cistothorus, the smallest bird family in Europe. These tiny creatures, measuring between 9 and 14 cm, embody the beauty and delicacy of nature. Each pair of cufflinks captures the essence of this charming bird in a unique piece of art. These cufflinks are a treasure for birdwatching enthusiasts and a statement of sophisticated style. Carry the elegance of nature with you on every occasion with the "Cistothorus" cufflinks.


Coins: 1 farthing

Country: United Kingdom

Year: 1937-1948 (Coin dates may not be the same due to lack of stock)

Cufflinks diameter: 20 mm

Metal Alloy: Bronze

Origin: These 1/4p coins contain an image of a kingfisher (Cistothorus), the smallest bird family in Europe (between 9 and 14 cm)

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