Alfonso XIII

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Pay homage to history with our elegant "Alfonso XIII" cufflinks. These cufflinks showcase the figure of King Alfonso XIII of Spain, known as 'the African'. Each pair of cufflinks is crafted from authentic sterling silver coins with over 100 years of history, capturing the essence of an era of elegance and distinction. The "Alfonso XIII" cufflinks are the perfect accessory for those who want to carry a piece of real history and exude a sophisticated and timeless style. Add a regal touch to your ensembles and make a statement of elegance with these extraordinary cufflinks.


Coins: 50 cents peseta

Country: Spain

Year: 1926

Cufflinks diameter: 18 mm

Metal Alloy: Silver .835

Origin: Alfonso XIII, also known as El Africano or the African, was King of Spain from 1886 until the proclamation of the Second Republic in 1931.

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